Melbourne University researcher Tullia Jack found 30 volunteers who agreed to wear the same pair of jeans 5 days a week for 3 months without washing them, as a challenge to our culture of “extreme clean”. She claims we don’t need to wash our clothes as often as you think and that “stains come and go”. After 3 months, she says half the subjects wanted to keep wearing the dirty jeans - which she claims “don’t stink… they smell like people”.  She’s going to put them on display so the public can sniff them for themselves. 

- Personally, I’ll just take her word for it!  

- Amazingly, everyone of the volunteers just happened to live in a fraternity house. 

- You don’t wanna know about her “Don’t Wash Your Socks” Study! 

- A similar study was conducted in Copenhagen leading to the expression, “There’s something rotten in Denmark”.  

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