27-year-old Hazel Jones of England became on overnight celebrity by revealing that she has a medical condition call uterus Didelphys, which means… she has two vaginas! She also has two cervixes and two uteruses. Jones is excited about her condition, saying “It’s amazing… definetely an ice-breaker at parties… and if women want to have a look, I’m quite happy to show them!” Doctors say having two vaginas isn’t all that rare. A gynocologist in Philadelphia says he sees “maybe one a month”.  

- Actually, that’s “two” a month. 

- Mr. Jones says it’s great, because if one of her “has a headache”, the other side is still good to go! 

- And you thought dealing with your ladie’s PMS was bad! 

- If Sharon Stone had this condition… she would definitely have taken the Oscar for her role in “Basic Instinct”. 

- Miss Jones has even given them Geographic names: Vagina and West Vagina.  

- If her Vaginas start giving monologues it’s going to be more confusing than watching “The View”.