BTW… in New Hampshire it only costs $1000 to file as a candidate which makes it affordable for almost anyone to run.  There are 44 names on the two partie’s presidential ballots including one GOP candidate who describes himself as a “natural, left-handed, peace-loving Pisces.” On the Democrat side, there’s a performance artist who goes by the name “Vermin Supreme” who promises to give everyone a free pony and covert America to a “Pony-based economy”.  

- If everyone gets a pony, that means everyone gets a “shovel ready” job! 

“Vermin Supreme” interrupted a Ron Paul appearance yesterday with a bullhorn and a rubber boot on his head and challenge Paul to settle the Presidential race with a round of “panty-wrestling”. 

- Paul declined but Bill Clinton says he thinks it’s a great idea!

- “Vermin Supreme” sounds like something our friends Walter and Chlorine Figby used to serve at the “Roadkill Cafe”.