A British drugstore chain surveryed 2,000 women and discovered that getting dumped “will make even the toughest woman feel awful.” They say the average woman who is newly single starts to question what went wrong and feel self-conscious about her looks, so she tries to remake herself.  That results in her spending an average of $776 on things including new clothes, a new hairdo and/or color, tanning, manicures, gym memberships or shoes.

- Women who haven’t been dumped spend the same amount on the very same things.  

- So guys if you’re looking for single girls - check out the women with the wet nails waiting in line at DSW.  

- The men who did the dumping spend an average of $776 on the new chick they dumped the old one for.  


- And men who get dumped spend $30 bucks for a pizza, some beer and a pay-per-view porn flick.