Professor Kathleen Vohs has done several studies on “sexual economics”, or the market value of sex, and she says it’s never been cheaper. Sociologists say men want sex more than women do, which has traditionally meant that women could set a high price on sex - such as marriage or diamond jewelry.  But by jumping into bed sooner, they say young women have “discounted” the price.  A whopping 30% of young men’s sexual relationships now involve no romance at all - not even text messages.  

- Of course those 30% don’t have partners so there’s no real need for dinner or flowers.  

- 30% of guys don’t even text the morning after?  Kwame Kilpatrick may be a crook, but at least he’s romantic!

- The technical term for this reduced priced sex is: “The Discount Rack”.  

- This sure beats clipping coupons.