In a victory for women’s rights in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah announced that after consulting with Islamic clerics to make sure it didn’t violate Sharia law, he has decided to give women the right, not only to vote in local elections, but to run for local offices.  The King said, “We refuse to marginalize the role of women in Saudi society.” It won’t take effect for four years, but maybe by then, women will have the right to drive. 

- No way. In Saudia Arabia, women aren’t even allowed to be backseat drivers! 

- Of course the female candidates will not be allowed to engage in any debate with a man who isn’t an immediate relative. 

- If a woman does win an election, any Saudi man can “un-elect” her by turning around three times and repeating the words “You lose!”  You lose!”  “You lose!”  

- None of the women will be allowed to run on a “Family Values” agenda since “having a family” would basically be admitting that they’d had sex.