Hurray!  Hurray!  Kwame’s book goes on sale today!  The much-anticipated (by some people, I guess) memoir by the recently freed Kwaminator hits the shelves of 4 - yes - 4 bookstores today!  Meanwhile in a court hearing Monday, both sides argued over whether Hizdishonor should be allowed to profit from sales of the book.  

The state wants proceeds to pay off the nearly 13 grand it cost to incarcerate Kwame; prosecutors want the money to be used to pay off the $860,000 the former mayor still owes the city in restitution, and Kwame wants the money for himself.  

Judge Groner has previously ruled that giving Kwame the money would amount to him profitting from a crime which is illegal in Michigan.  Kwame’s lawyer says keeping the money from him violates his right to free speech.

- They’re calling it, “The Battle of The Sext-es”.

- Kwame’s book will be the first memoir in history to be placed in the “fiction” aisle.