Financial markets are bracing for more fallout today after Standard & Poors lowered America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+.  There are now over a dozen other nations with better credit than the US, including Lichtenstein. Obama is the first President in history to preside over a lowering of the US credit rating. 

- Right now the President is staring at the White House mailbox hoping he’ll get one of those “Congratulations! You’ve been pre-approved for a new Mastercard!” 

- It’s not that Lichtenstein’s credit rating is that good… it’s just that none of the people it owes money to, have any idea where it is or where to send the collection notices. 

- Wow.  With the lowered credit rating, Congressmen are gonna have a heckuva time getting a loan approved when they try to buy a private jet! 

- The U.S. Government’s credit is so bad, even Art Van is demanding that they pay up front for the new leather sectional they bought for the “Credit Crisis Super Committee” meeting room.