An Oklahoma woman named Maria Cooper told ABC that her late uncle was the infamous D.B. Cooper, who parachuted from a plane over the Pacific Northwest 1n1971 with $200,000 in skyjack ransom money and was never seen again. Maria says she remembers her uncle admitting he’d hijacked a plane when he showed up at their Ohio home days later looking bruised and battered.  Although she was only 8, she says her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper (known as “L.D. Cooper” to her family) said he lost most of the money in the jump.  Then she said he sort of disappeared. She believes he died in 1999.  

- Not to question her credibility, but she also added that her Grandfather kidnapped the Lindberg baby and that she knows where Jimmy Hoffa is.  

- True or not, it does make me miss the good old days when all we had to worry about was a guy demanding money and jumping out of a plane without hurting anybody on board!  

- To honor L.D.’s final wishes, the family had him creamated, strapped a parachute to the urn and pushed him out the door of a moving plane over the Pacific Northwest.