President Obama turns the big 5-0 today, and he celebrated last night in Chicago with a star-studded political fundraising dinner.  Jennifer Hudson and Herbie Hancock entertained at the party which cost $38,500 a plate. Critics slammed it as insensitive at a time when the economy is stalling and many Americans are desperate for jobs.  But the White House says the Prez isn’t ignoring that: he plans to leave later this month for a bus tour of the Midwest to promote jobs. 

- Obama says this will give one unemployed bus driver a job!

- It’s tough to blow out fifty candles… then again he’s a politician. He’s got more than enough hot air to get the job done. 

- Why ask cash-strapped Amerians to donate to his re-election campaign?  Why not just borrow the money from China? 

- They say the party was quite raucus and “raised the roof”. Which makes this the second ceiling Obama has raised in less than a week!  

- Oprah showed up and gave him a very special Birthday present… A Second Term!