If you didn’t catch Sunday nights MTV music video awards… then you’re just like me.  But I’ve seen the highlights:  First, Beyonce announced on the red carpet that she’s pregnant; Katy Perry accepted the Video of the Year Award wearing what looked like a giant block of American cheese on her head; and Lady Gaga spent the entire night in character as “Jo Calderone”, her male alter ego who is a foul-mouthed New Jersey guy with no talent. 

- In other words, Lady Gaga went as half the cast of “Jersey Shore”. 

- What happened to the good old days - like last year - when Gaga showed up wearing a dress made out of raw meat?

In other music related news, singer Tom Jones denied a rumor that a heart problem caused him to cancel a show in Monte Carlo.  He blamed it on “severe dehydration”.  

- Regardless of the cause, thousands of women in Monte Carlo where left holding pairs of Depends with no one to throw them at!