If you woke up this morning with a smile on your face and you’re not sure why… I think I’ve got the answer: Kwame’s outta jail!  Yes, at 6:15ish this morning the one and only Kwaminator strolled out of the Hooscow in Jackson and stepped into a waiting SUV.  He was whisked off to the Federal building downtown for some formalities and then dissappeared.  He has 24 hours to get his butt down to Texas to check in with his parole officer.  In the days leading up to his getting sprung, he tweeted about missing his sons, looking forward to Carlita’s great cooking and that God has big plans for him.  

- Not as big as the Feds’ plans for him… but still, pretty big. 

- As he left the prison, Kwame reportedly shouted, “Free at last! Free at last! God almighty, I’m free to sext women, take bribes, and throw more “non-existent” parties  at last!”

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