A European paper company has a new product for Catholics who want to express their devotion during the Pope’s visit to Spain next week.  It’s toilet paper in the colors of the Vatican.  Each pack has two perfumed rolls, one yellow and one white and a “I Heart the Pope” logo.  Their website reads, “Is there any better way to liven up the streets than using these large streamers? Welcome Pope Benedict!” A spokesman said this shouldn’t be seen as Vatican toilet paper, but as “Giant streamers that could be used as toilet paper.” 

- It takes an entire roll just to make a replica of the Pope’s giant hat. 

- The Vatican is against the toilet paper for a number of reasons.  Number 1 and Number 2.

- And you thought “Pope On A Rope” was disrespectful.

- Hang this stuff out your window and it will wipe away any doubts your neighbors may have about whether or not you’re Catholic.  

- Wouldn’t this have been a better idea during the reign of “Pope John”?