To mark the 80th Anniversary of the Vancouver International Airport, officials held a contest inspired by the Tom Hanks movie, “The Terminal”. Winner Jaeger Mah gets to live in the airport for 80 days and says he feels like he “won the lottery”.  His 80 days include a free room at the airports attached hotel and 3 free meals a day from any of the airport restaurants. Best of all, he gets a security pass that grants him access to nearly all of the airport’s “secret places”.

- As opposed to TSA agents who have passes that grant them access to all the passenger’s “secret places”.

- His wife wasn’t too thrilled when she found out she was going to have to spend 80 days sitting in the cell phone lot waiting for the call that he’s ready to be picked up.  

- 80 days in an airport?  He’s gonna have to take his shoes off more times than a woman shopping during a sale at DSW! 

- He says he’ll spend a lot of his time working through his emotional baggage.