Happy Sunday!  Today we wrap up the holiday week with two cuts from past “Best Of” CD’s that are among the “most requested” from listeners. The first one, is a Put-On Call I did to the Roosevelt Hotel on Cass Avenue downtown while I was on Keener 13.  And in honor of Prince William and Kate’s current visit to Canada, the second cut is from Queen Elizabeth’s visit to our neighbor to the north a few years ago.  

But wait… there’s more!  For no additional shipping and handling, you also get a BONUS VIDEO of “The Queen” Dancing Her Crown Off!  

Have a great weekend… Don’t forget to enter The Suburban Collection’s “Great Charity Giveaway”… and I’ll see you right back here on Monday, July 11th.  Hmmm… why does that date sound familiar?  Details Monday!



Sylvester The Mouse Put-On Call



The Queen’s Memorable Visit To Niagara Falls