A new tell-all book entitled “Damn YOU” paints quite a picture of Gone With The Wind star Vivian Leigh. Although it is well-known that the woman who portrayed “Scarlett O’Hara” suffered from depression, the new book claims she was a bisexual who liked “rough sex” with male prostitutes, had many lesbian affairs and loved to taunt her husband, Lawrence Olivier, with her infidelities.  

- So it wasn’t really Ashley Wilkes she was after all those years… it was Melanie!

- Producers of the movie suspected she might be a lesbian when Vivian suggested that Scarlett use the green velvet drapes to make a pantsuit instead of a dress.    

- When Clark Gable heard the rumor he reportedly said, “You gotta be s——- me?” (And you thought I was going to say “I don’t give a damn”!)