After revolutionizing computers, Bill Gates in now seeking to revolutionize toilets.  A spokeswoman for his Foundation says nothing has done more to save lives and improve health that the toilet, but it’s reached only a third of the world, uses too much water and requires sewers.  So Gates is putting up $41 million to fund “reinventing the toilet”.  One idea for the project called, “Toilet 2.0” is creating a potty that turns human waste into fuel, fertilizer or drinking water. 

- It’s a good thing Gates is “flush” or he couldn’t afford a project like this. 

- Each toilet with be placed in a bathroom with a free “Window”. 

- If the toilet gets clogged, you just make a call and a guy in India guides you through the plunging process. 

- Depending on your needs, you can flip a switch and turn the toilet from a “2.0” to a “1.0”

- Apple is jumping into game… and has announced that it will soon be releasing the “iPeed”.