The 50th annual Congressional Baseball game took place in Washington over the weekend, which the Democrats won 8-2.  The victory was mainly attributed to a freshman Congressman who used to pitch in college.  Michigan’s own Thad McCotter, who is running for the Republican Presidential nomination, got one of only three Republican hits.  

- Anthony Weiner was the honorary bat boy.  

- There wasn’t any money for a chest protector, so they had Nancy Pelosi umpire behind the plate.  When the ball hit her, it kept bouncing back to the pitcher.  

- Instead of the 7th Inning Stretch each team just took off for the summer.  

- Some Congressman didn’t play at all when they heard they weren’t getting their social security checks on August 3rd.  

- After the game, TV reporters interviewed both team managers… and lobbed softball questions at ‘em.