The scandal over the abrupt shutdown of the “News of the World” Tabloid that has rocked London and all of England continues with the news today that Rebekah Brooks, head of that and other Rupert Murdoch owned papers has resigned.  The resignation comes after revelations that the paper had illegally hacked into phone lines to get information to use in their stories. 

We have no shortage of Tabloids here in the U.S. and we here at have learned that a new Tabloid, based here in Detroit, is in the works.  We tapped into their phone lines and found out some of the stories they are working on…

- Casey Anthony Set To Star In New NBC Show:  “Dancing With The Aquitted Murderers!”

- Perky Woman From “Progressive Auto Insurance” TV Ads Secretly Depressed.

- Attorney Sam Bernstein’s “Call Sam” Ad Campaign Cancelled When Source Reveals “He Hates Taking Calls”.  

- Hines Drive Closed Due To Flooding After Local Man Waters Lawn.

- Matel To Introduce Bisexual Barbie:  Plans Three-some at Malibu Beachhouse with Ken and Midge.

- New Survey Reveals That 90% of Those Surveyed Lied On Survey.

- Hallmark Releases New Line Of “Stalker” Cards For Perverts “Who Care Enough To Send The Very Best”. 

- Nancy Pelosi Introduces Bill To Add New Month To Calendar Year… “Obamaber”

- Ohio Woman Claims Fish Oil Supplements Allow Her To Breathe Underwater!

- Ex-Porn Star Pens Children’s Pop-Up Book.


The “News of the World” scandal reminded us of another scandal in the British Commonwealth country of Canada that took place a few years ago. It was covered by our own Jacque and Frenchy LePuke. Relive the drama now…

Curling Scandal Rocks Canada

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