Researcher Graeme Donald has unearthed evidence that Adolph Hitler ordered blow-up sex dolls for Nazi troops. The project began in 1940 after SS chief Heinrich Himmler wrote that the greatest danger to German soldiers in Paris was rampant VD from French Hookers.  So they developed blond, blue-eyed “gynoid” dolls also called “synthetic comforters” that could fit in a backpack.  But the project was yanked when most German soldiers refused to carry the dolls for fear of embarrassment if they were captured. 

- They referred to the day the project was halted as “VD-Day”. 

- When Hitler heard the soldiers wouldn’t carry the dolls, he was Fuhrer-ious!

- So it turns out when Churchill said, “Never have so many, owed so much, to so few” he was talking about French Hookers who hadn’t been paid.    

- Hitler kept one of the dolls hidden in the bunker for the nights Eva Braun “wasn’t in the mood”.