A new survey by Match.com reveals that men and women have strong views on appropriate clothing for summer dates.  93% of women prefer a man to wear a Polo shirt and khakis, and a vast majority say a man showing up for a date wearing skinny jeans and no shirt is a turn-off, no matter how rock hard his abs are.

- What man would show up for a first date wearing no shirt?  I mean except for Matthew McConaughey and Anthony Weiner…

- 100% of men said they would love it if a woman showed up for a first date shirtless.  

As for a beach or pool date, 53% of men were against their dates wearing a thong bathing suit and a whopping 93% of women say the man shouldn’t wear a Speedo. 

- Ever! 

- A first date with a guy in a Speedo and a girl in a thong… If that’s not a reality show waiting to happen, I don’t know what is!

- I remember my first date with my wife Gail. It was the month of May… and I wore a Parka.  (Remember… I’m from Buffalo!)