Yesterday, deputies and FBI agents swarmed into a rural neighborhood in Texas to search a farmhouse after a person claiming to be a psychic told them there was a mass grave full of murder victims under it.  They found nothing.  The alleged psychic later called back to say they had the wrong house.  Back they went, this time to a rental house where they found blood on  the door and a foul odor, but again, no bodies.  A local judge said, “We have to take tips like this very seriously.” 

- They should have known the guy was a fraud when he made the police call him back and charged them $4.99 a minute for the info.  

- On the bright side, he did tell the Police Chief that he was about to come into a lot of money and meet the woman of his dreams.  

- He also predicted the world was going to end last May 21st, but has now revised it to October 21st.