Last week First lady Michelle Obama introduced the USDA’s new “food plate” that shows the proper portions of each food group as part of her healthy eating campaign.  Then USA Today reported that the very next day President Obama stopped for lunch at “Rudy’s Hot Dog” restaurant during a visit to an auto plant in Toledo. His order:  Two chili dogs with mustard, onions, and cheese, plus French fries and an extra bowl of chili. 

- He was just proving that you can get a full tank of gas for under 5 bucks!

- The Prez. claims he was just trying to save jobs… one for the waitress and one for the cook. 

- It would have been hailed as a patriotic gesture if only he’d come to Detroit and gone to the “American Coney Island”!  

- He’s going to get a “chili” reception from Michelle when he gets home!