A British Male Nurse, Jeremy Luke Castle, is offering backstreet male genital enhancements with silicone for $180 (US) out of his apartment in London.  He uses medical grade silicone injected with a sterilized caulking gun to make male genitals bigger.  His cats run around the apartment while he does it, but notes, “I’m a trained nurse specialist”.  Amazingly, it’s not illegal in Britain, but can potentially cause death if silicone gets into a blood vessel.  Castle insists, “It’s not rocket science!”

- No, but it is “Pocket-Rocket Science!”

- I hope it’s not the same caulking gun he used to re-grout his bathroom tile.  

- This guys sounds like a real Do-It-Yourselfer… and when women find out what he does for a living, he’s going to be a Do-It-Yourselfer for a long, long time.  

- Ironically, it takes a big man to admit he’s got a small package.

- Anthony Weiner just booked a flight to London.