A Chinese company has a new summer product for men who like wearing Speedos but who dread the notorious “shrinkage” caused by swimming in cool waters.  It’s the “Male Size-Enhancing Speedo Bulge”, a lightweight, one-size-fit’s-all cup that fits snuggly inside a Speedo.  The device costs about $8 and comes with little “bra hooks” that attach to the suit, to make sure it doesn’t slip out of place. 

- That’s one “wardrobe malfunction” I don’t want to see! 

- And to think I just mastered the whole “bra hook” thing last week. 

- The company has reportedly hired a celebrity spokesperson:  Anthony Weiner. 

- Chinese men used to just put bananas in their Speedos, but they tended to “bunch up”. 

- In preparation for his summer holiday, Kim Jong Ill has already ordered a dozen.