Monday, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was found guilty of 17 of 20 counts in his retrial for corruption and blatant abuse of power.  The new jury found him guilty on all 11 counts of trying to sell Barack Obama’s old Senate seat and three counts of extortion for shaking down a racetrack exec and a children’s hospital.  Blago is the 4th Illinois governor of the past century to be convicted of federal charges and faces upwards of 20 years in the slammer. 

- Blago put the “I Lie” part in the “Fighting Illini”.

- If only he could have stacked the jury with the same dead people who voted him into office… 

- These are great days for MSNBC’s new series:  “Lock-Up:  The Governor’s Block”.  

- They’ve already slotted him in as “Blago: Prison Barber”.  

- The Governor that Blago followed is also serving time in jail… The two of them will make 10 cents an hour plus raise taxes on the other inmates.  

- He should have just gone with his original idea and put Obama’s Senate Seat on Craig’s List!