How do you get over being dumped just days before your wedding?  By inviting your blonde twin ex-girlfriends to move back in with you!  Yep, Hugh Hefner spent Saturday, what would have been his wedding day, with sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon.  Meanwhile his ex-fiance, Crystal Harris told ET that she broke up with Hef partly because of the other women, but also because she couldn’t handle his strict rules.  Among them: 9pm curfews, and home by 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for “movie nights”.  

- This weekend Hef held a “Runaway Bride” movie marathon!

- Instead of the two old girlfriends Hef wanted to get a new one, but because he was getting married, he’d let his membership to expire.  

- I’m amazed he didn’t want her home by 5pm instead of 6 so he could get a deal on the “Early Bird Dinner”!

- Hef says he’s committed to Karissa and Kristina and promises to be “Twin-ogomous”.