Much photographed (by himself!) NYC Representative Anthony Weiner has taken a “leave of absence” from his Congressional duties so he can “get himself healthy”, but he still refuses to resign.  But support is drying up after more photos of a clothed and semi-nude Weiner taken in the House gym surfaced and it was confirmed that he had a “textual” relationship with a 17 year old.  Ironically, Weiner actually wrote the bill cracking down on sex predators who contact minors on the internet. 

- A bill he crafted after a great deal of research! 

- Weiner’s really an old fashioned politician… He shakes hands, kisses babies, and sends naked pictures to his constituents. 

- I personally think we should expect more from our erected officials! 

Weiner has not specified exactly what type of “treatment” he is seeking, but says it’s designed to help him become a “better husband”. 

- I don’t really think a photography class is going to make him a better husband!

- Rumor has it he’s attending the “Bill Clinton Self-Control Retreat and Cigar Bar”.