A Norwegian organization is using pornography to save the planet.  The grou “F—- For Forest” or “FFF” has about 1300 members worldwide who take pictures of themselves having sex outdoors, then sell them on the internet with the proceeds going to save trees.  They say they’ve raised $345,000 since 2000 and that “Saving the planet is sexy, so why not get turned on for a good cause?”.  

- Some members admit to using Viagra.  They’re the ones having sex in front of the weeping willows. 

- Question:  If a couple has sex in the woods and nobody’s there to see it, did they make any noise? 

- Finally!  A group who can answer the eternal question, “Does a Bear really, well, you know, in the woods?”

- I’m all for saving the trees, but I’m not gonna risk getting a splinter in my butt to do it!

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