Monday, the Supreme Courts agreed with 5-4 with the ACLU that California’s prisons are unconstitutionally overcrowded and ordered the state to release 46,000 inmates over the next two years unless they fix the system.  They say conditions are “inhumane” like 700-strong waiting lists to see a doctor and 54 inmates sharing one toilet.  In a furious dissent, Justice Antionin Scalia called it outrageous and absurd, and said “terrible things” are sure to happen when 46 thousand “happy go lucky felons” are let loose on the streets.  

- I’d say the first thing that’s gonna happen is they’re going to find a restroom!

- 46 thousand convicted felons set free… what could possibly go wrong?   

- OJ’s now wishing he’d been convicted of killing his wife in California.  He’d be scot free instead of rotting in a Nevada prison.  

- So basically, Lindsay Lohan can now do anything she wants without any fear of going to jail!