Arnold Schwarzenegger’s world-rocking admission that he has a 13 year-old son with his family’s longtime housekeeper might be just the tip of the iceberg. Saturday, actress Jane Seymour told CNN that she was “not remotely surprised”.  She said mutual friends claim Arnold has TWO MORE illegitimate children who haven’t surfaced yet.  At least one woman has already told NBC that she’s told “The Terminators” lawyers that she wants a DNA test to prove he’s the father of her 8 year old. 

- Why didn’t Jane tell him about birth control?  After all, she’s “Dr. Quinn… Medicine Woman”! 

- On a happy note, Arnold’s gonna get more Father’s Day gifts than most NBA players!  

- Screenwriters are scrambling to finish the script for his upcoming project, “The Impreg-i-nator”. 

- He could have saved himself so much trouble if he’d just asked Maria to dress up in a Maid’s outfit!