The UFO community was rocked Wednesday by an excerpt from a new book, “Area 51”, a history of the secret military base in Roswell.  The book claims that according to eyewitnesses and previously classified documents, the Roswell saucer crash of 1947 wasn’t space aliens - but Russians.  Apparently Stalin saw how “War of the Worlds” panicked Americans, so he sent mutated children with big heads and eyes who’d been victims of Nazi “Dr.” Joseph Mengele to the US in a secret Russian spy plane.  He hoped to spark fear and panic but the crash was covered up.  The Air Force had no comment, but UFO believers quickly dismissed the story as ridiculous. 

- Then they went back to making their Romulan costumes for the upcoming Star Trek convention. 

- When he heard the story, Lenoard Nimoy’s ears perked right up!

- Since Aliens are supposed to “Poke and Prod” people… I guess this makes Dominique Strauss-Kahn an Alien!