Oprah hasn’t even taped her final show yet, and already her power is waning.  Forbes’ new list of the most powerful celebrities of 2011 places - get ready - Lady Gaga at #1, bumping Oprah to #2.  Oprah has more money - she made made $290 million last year compared to Gaga’s $90 million - but the list is also based on influence.  Lady Gaga has 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers.  Forbes’ says that makes her the Queen of Social Media. 

- Oprah’s response?  “Gaga me with a spoon!”

- I just hope the two never end up on the Letterman show together… I can hear it now, “Oprah, Gaga.  Gaga, Oprah”.

- In an effort to increase her popularity, Oprah is going to wear a meat dress during her final broadcast.  

- Actually Oprah and Lady Gaga have a lot in common… Oprah gives away free cars and Lady Gaga gives away free STD’s!