Donald Trump has revealed the secret of his famous hair-do to Rolling Stone Magazine.  “The Donald” says it’s not a combover, but a “little bit forward and back.”  He claims, “I actually don’t have a bad hairline,” and his routine is to shampoo with Head ‘N’ Shoulders, then let it air dry for about an hour while he watches TV and reads the paper.  

- If he uses Head ‘N’ Shoulders how come he’s such a flake?  

- The Obama administration is demanding that he release a drugstore receipt proving that he bought the shampoo in this country! 

- So I guess you could say he’s “Head ‘N’ Shoulders” above the other potential GOP presidential candidates.  

- I’m writing the formula down so I can give it my barber Tom!

- And all this time I thought he used the same shampoo as Geoffrey Fieger… “Ego ‘N’ Shoulders”.