Wednesday Kwame Kilpatrick asked for and was granted a transfer from his federal prison cell in Milan to the state prison in Jackson.  The judge agreed to give the former mayor a “Free Get Out of One Jail to Go Into Another Jail Card” so that he can be evaluated for parole, which could come as soon as July 24th.

Kilpatrick was all smiles in the courtroom and even joked with the media.  Gosh, he’s such a kidder!

 Meanwhile, our former Hip Hop Mayor is still awaiting trial on federal corruption charges involving a racketeering conspiracy, which is why I’m suggesting he not break his lease with the Milan federal prison just yet.

It was a family affair in the courtroom, as Kwame’s Uncle Raymond Cheeks and Aunt Marsha Cheeks were on hand to offer Kwame supprt.  And speaking of “cheeks”, Kwame was overheard saying that he will miss his Milan cellmate “Bubba” desparately and hopes his favorite diamond earring he left behind will help his former celly get through the lonely moments.  Before being led away in handcuffs, a tearful Kilaptrick reminisced about Bubba saying, “We’ll always have Milan”.

 More details as they become available.  Oh, wait, I almost forgot…Please take seriously that “Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers” sign near Jackson Prison.