Hi, it’s Big Al and I’m baaaaaack, for a couple more days while Dick and Jackie take a break from their Web Work.  And look who else is baaaaaack!  Kwame Kilpatrick is expected to be in federal court today in Detroit.  His mission this time?  To ask for permission to be transferred from his federal prison cell in Milan, where he’s serving an 18-month probation violation, to a state prison facility. To make a long legal story short, let’s just say it has something to do with making it easier for the Kwamster to be evaluated for parole, which he is eligible for on July 24th

Meanwhile, let’s take a journey down Memory Lane, shall we?  In honor of Kwame’s incarceration, I thought I’d post the audio from one of my favorite Kwame Kilpatrick bits from the good old days on the Dick Purtan Show.  Brilliantly written by the one and only Jackie Purtan and inspired by the great film The Shawshank Redemption.  Our friend Quintin Hicks provides the incredible Morgan Freeman impersonation!

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure I bring you

“The Kwamshank Redemption!”   (click below)

“The Kwamshank Redemption”