Wednesday morning, a section of  the Ohio Turnpike was shut down for hours after a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his truck, spilling a giant load of breakfast cereal all over the highway.  There were no major injuries, but bulldozers had to be brought in to clean up all the cereal. 

- If anyone had died, this guy would have instantly been labeled a “Cereal Killer”.  

- If he’d had a balanced breakfast, he wouldn’t have been so tired!

- Police believe he may have been drinking… Milk. 

- If the accident had happened in Oklahoma instead of Ohio, you could’ve “Gotten your Kix… on Route 66”!

- Luckily, the cereal was Fiber One so traffic was moving smoothly in no time. 

- The truck driver said all the cereal was ruined, but fortunately his Grape Nuts were in great shape!