He made international headlines for designing the infamous “Giant Bow” hat Aretha Franklin wore to President Obama’s inauguration… and now local milliner Luke Song is back in the spotlight.  He’s sold hundreds of hats for… The Royal Wedding!  It may be taking place thousands of miles away, but Luke says can’t keep up with the demand from local women who want the perfect hat to wear to wedding teas and parties being held in Metro-Detroit.  He things some of the hats may make it all the way across the pond…

- If you want to fly across the pond… just ask Aretha if you can borrow her hat, go out in the backyard and wait for a stiff wind! 

- Don’t expect to get the hats for “a song”… they go for about $200 bucks a piece. 

- Mr. Song reportedly made a one-of-a-kind hat for Camilla… It’s said to be understated, and comes with blinders in case she gets scared.