Taliban insurgents pulled one over on Prison officials in Afghanistan by digging a 1,080 foot tunnel under the prison, allowing 480 prisoners to escape Sunday night.  They claim they had cell keys provided by unnamed “friends”.  NATO and Afghan officials had no explanation for why the prison guards never heard them digging beneath their feet during the five months it took to make the tunnel - or the smashing of a concrete floor on Sunday night. 

- Actually, the guards were distracted.  They were busy playing a spirited game of “Mohammed…”  “Polo…” in the prison pool.  

- They should get the guards those “Birdsong” hearing aids!  They’ll not only hear digging, they’ll be able to hear the guys in the yard talking about “that great looking guard” loud and clear!

- Hmmmmm… You don’t think the guards were in on this do you?  Nah…