At a security conference in San Francisco, two researchers revealed that starting with the iOS4 update, Apple iPhone begang secretly keeping track of everyplace their owners go and when.  Some iPads do the same thing. If you sync it with your computer the info is transferred there too.  That means anyone who steals or has access to your iPhone, iPad or computer could open the file and see everywhere you’ve been in the past year. That includes everyone from thieves to jealous spouses.  Apple had no comment. 

- What’s the big deal?  Doesn’t everybody post EXACTLY where they are EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY on Facebook and Twitter?! 

- If only this technology was available when Kwame didn’t host that infamous party at the Manoogian Mansion! We’d know if Carlita had been there… in the “bat”of an eye!

There is a short paragraph at the very end of Apple’s iTunes Terms of Service agreement that grants them permission to use Apple devices to “collect, use and share” info on your precise geographic location.

- You show me one person who’s actually read the “Terms of Service” agreement before signing it and I’ll show you someone who actually read the Obamacare Health Bill!

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