The Phalloglogical Museum, or “Museum of Penises” in Northern Iceland finally has it’s first human specimen. The museum has everything from tiny animal penises in jars, to a 67 inch sperm whale penis on display - but were thrilled to get their first “exhibit” from a human.  The pickled penis was donated by Pall Arason who was described as a funny, provocative braggart who liked attention and recently died at age 95.  The museum owner refused to comment on the size, saying that visitors will have to come see for themselves.  

- NOTE TO SELF:  Add “Trip to Museum of Penises” to my bucket list.  

- I just hope it’s not a “Hands On” museum…

- This is one museum where all the exhibits are well hung.  

- Iceland is surrounded by the frigid Atlantic Ocean… haven’t they ever heard of shrinkage?  

- Mr. Arason’s widow has suggested that they display her late husbands “contribution” next to the sperm whale specimen.