Northwestern University polled Americans age 20 to 80 to find out what their biggest regrets were.  The number one answer involved romance - either “the one that got away”; a missed opportunity; or someone with whom it didn’t quite work out.  Not surprisingly, 44% of women listed a romantic regret as their biggest, compared to only 19% of men.  

- But the men who did have romantic regrets only regretted not having more sex with “the one that got away” before she got away.  

- If women want to feel better about “the one that got away” they should just check out his current picture on Facebook. Chances are, they won’t feel so bad.  

The second-biggest regrets were family issues, like not being nicer to a loved one.  Other regrets included not going to college, choosing money over your life’s passion, or not getting divorced sooner.  

- That last one tops the list of every one of Larry King’s ex-wives.