In the latest furor over sexualizing young girls, a British clothing store chain is under fire for selling padded bras for girls as young as 8.  The bras are described as “lightly padded for support,” but critics say they’re designed to make little girls look like they have a developed bosom.  

- That way the 8 year old boys don’t have to just ogle their teacher anymore.  (Like we all did!)

The store also offers white lace lingerie-style bra and panty sets and denim hot pants in the section for girls “3 to 13”. 

- Coming soon:  New Pamper’s Thongs!  

- In the stores defense, at least the lacy bras are white.  An eight year old in a black bra would be so tacky!

- The store has cancelled it’s line of “Dora The Explorer Spanx and Thigh-Highs”.