Men’s activist Marc Rodov is on a campaign to get American men to boycott Valentine’s Day.  He claims it’s “the media’s annual male-bashing fest” that “artificially and unilaterally caters to women” who use it to coerce men into spending lots of money on them.  Rudov says he used to fall for the “sextortion” but gave up 10 years ago. Despite efforts to get other men on board, he hasn’t been very successful.  He claims it’s because “men are wimps” and they won’t boycott Valentine’s Day “because they’re afraid they’ll get rejected in the bedroom.”  

- Men, make it easy on yourself, just pick up some candy at the local mini-mart when you gas-up some time this week! 

- It’s not just Valentine’s Day, I’m guessing this guy gets rejected in the bedroom the other 364 days a year too! 

- TIP FOR WOMEN:  Buy yourself a box of chocolates and tell everyone you’re dating a guy named “Russell Stover”.