Linsday Lohan may be headed to the slammer for real this time.  She was back in court Wednesday to hear a plea bargain offer, but the judge warned that no matter what she does, she WILL go back to jail.  She wants community service, but prosecutors are asking for 6 months in the slammer (minus time for good behavior) plus three years probation for jewelry theft.  Lindsay has until March 10th to make up her mind. If she turns the deal down and goes to trial, she faces up to 3 years behind bars. 

- She’s spent a lot more than three years in front of bars so she’ll have no problem getting acclimated.

- She is gonna have the coolest shiv in the yard… made out of that designer necklace.

- Lindsay’s idea of “Community Service” is giving her Coke dealer an extra big tip!

- If she’s allowed to wear that tight white dress she wore to court, she’s the hands down favorite to be voted “Queen of the Prison Prom”!