It’s official:  women would rather be thin than have sex.  Fitness magazine surveyed 2400 women to ask if they’d go without sex for a full year to be skinny, and 51% said yes.  Their choice of thinness over sex didn’t surprise psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a body image specialist, who told CBS’s “Early Show” that in another study, 61% of women admitted they were thinking about how their bodies looked even while they were having sex. 

- As opposed to the men, who admitted to thinking about baseball during sex. 

- This is good news guys!  Since she wants to be skinny, she may not want you to take her to dinner first! 

- 39% of the women said they’d give up sex for three months to just be “pleasantly plump”.

- 100% of men said they wouldn’t give up sex for a year for anything!