The Chilean Miners have shared their experiences trapped underground in a new book.  Advance excerpts in the London Sunday Times contain some shocking details previously unreported. For instance, as food dwindled, they considered cannibalism.  One miner even said his friends told him they had a pot and saw ready, and he would be “breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

- Now that’s what I call a “Chile Cook-Off”!

Rescuers also smuggled drugs and porn down to the miners to help them pass the time.  But their request for inflatable sex dolls was rejected because there were 33 miners and only 10 dolls could be found.  

- So when it came to sex, the miners got the shaft. 

- The drugs and porn were donated by that great American humanitarian Charlie Sheen! 

- Couldn’t they just have shared the dolls?  I mean, what guy hasn’t wanted to hit on his buddy’s girlfriend?