After just two weeks of at-home rehab, Charlie Sheen is cured!  He called the Dan Patrick radio show Monday to say that “it’s like I heal really quickly. But I unravel pretty quickly.  So get me right now, guys.  Bring it!”.  He even showed up on the set of his show “Two and A Half Men” to start filming, but nobody was there - since execs shut down production until the end of the month.  Sheen added that he finds sobriety “boring” and recently told a group of UCLA basketball players, “Don’t do crack.  Drink chocolate milk”.

- Usually when Charlie say’s “Bring it” he’s referring to a briefcase full of cocaine!

- The Pope has declared Charlie’s recovery a miracle and Charlie has now taken the first step to sainthood. 

 - Doesn’t he know Chocolate milk can be bad for you?  Too much sugar!

- Sounds like Charlie is finally ready to settle down… and start a traditional American Porn Family!