Last Friday, at NY’s Kennedy airport, 85-year old Lenore Zimmerman of Long Island was afraid to go through the scanner because she thought it might interfere with her defibrilator, so she asked for a patdown instead. The 4’ 11” grandmother claims she was taken to a private room and strip searched. The TSA denies it, but she said they “pulled my pants down and then pulled down my underwear.  If that’s not strip-seaching I don’t know what else you’d call it.” She added, “They’re lying to protect their asses because they’re afraid of being sued - and they WILL be sued.” 

- Will she win?  That Depends… 

- In their defense, TSA agents did find some packets of Sweet ‘n Low tucked in her underpants. 

- She was mad, but admited that it was the most action she’d gotten since Nixon was in office.