Sarah Palin has taken expection to this year’s official White House Christmas Card. It features a photo of the library decorated for Christmas with Bo, the First-Family dog, in front of a warm fire. Palin said she found it “odd” that the Obama’s card emphasizes a dog instead of traditons like “family, faith and freedom” and that American’s prefer “American foundational values illustrated on Christmas Cards”. 

- The Obamas would have been in the shot with the dog, but they’d already left for Hawaii when the picture was taken. 

- Ironically, before he died, Kim Jong-Il sent Christmas cards which also featured a dog… but the dog was sitting on the fire in a casserole dish.  

- I’m just glad they didn’t send out one of those “What Our Family Did Over The Last Year” Letters! To be honest I really don’t care if Malia got an “A” on her book report.  

- Bill Clinton was the first President to send out a Christmas Card with a dog sitting in front of a warm fire. Of course in that case, Bill was the hound dog!